Cloud Relay

Introducing Cloud Relay: a seamless networked solution to bridge Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) to Line of Sight (LOS) networks

This technology works with Persistent Systems’ Wave Relay® by allowing long-range remote access to video, voice and data to and from all MANETs. Smooth transition via Layer 3 networks such as Internet or a private network (i.e. SATCOM) through which traffic is routed across to get it to another MANET in different parts of a city, state, country or even different parts of the world. Cloud Relay allows distributed enclaves to participate as if locally connected.

  • Extend tactical network to strategic locations
  • Utilize Layer 3 technologies to reachback satcom & 4G cellular
  • Secure VPN based, network architecture
  • Maintaining Layer 2 Wave Relay® MANET allows for ease of use for user
  • Multiple enclaves are accessible concurrently