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    Wave Relay® is a revolutionary mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) solution with capabilities that far surpass the standards of Mesh networking devices.

    Instead, Wave Relay® is a self-forming and self-healing wireless solution that quickly adapts to fluctuations in terrain and other environmental conditions - rapidly rerouting data and continuously working to maximize connectivity and communication performance. The Wave Relay® proprietary routing algorithm allows users to incorporate vast numbers of devices into the network in which the devices themselves form the communication infrastructure. Supporting voice, video, and GPS - Wave Relay® is a dynamic and reliable solution that can solve all of your networking needs.

    Persistent Systems
    Persistent Systems


    • Persistent Systems offers comprehensive training courses to help customers better understand mobile ad hoc networking and the Wave Relay® product family.

      Next Training Class:
      Basic Course: March 12-14
      Advanced Course: Feb 19-21 / April 23-25


    • Facility Security Officer

      Persistent Systems is looking for an experienced Facility Security Officer (FSO) who will be responsible for supervising and directing security measures necessary for implementing the requirements of our Security Procedure Manual in accordance with National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) procedures.

    • Senior Hardware Engineer

      We are looking for talented Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in circuit designs for the battery powered devices and the high-speed (Gbps) digital components.