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Persistent Systems offers comprehensive training courses to help customers better understand mobile ad hoc networking and the Wave Relay® product family. The courses, taught by industry-leading experts with extensive knowledge of Wave Relay® and close familiarity with real-world applications, leave students empowered to configure their own networks to suit specific customer requirements.

Wave Relay® MANET Administrators Course (MAC)
The Wave Relay® MANET Administrators Course, or “MAC,” is Persistent Systems’ flagship training course. MAC is a five day course focused on the entire range of MANET administration skills using Wave Relay® products. The course is comprised of lectures and practical exercises designed to reinforce concepts taught throughout the course. MAC is designed for customers who will be responsible for mass configuration, network administration, and implementation of the MPU5 and Wave Relay®.

The Wave Relay® MANET Administrators Course includes but is not limited to:

  • MPU5 configuration and maintenance
  • Advanced Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Concepts
  • Advanced Radio Frequency and Internet Protocol Concepts
  • MANET network design, implementation, and management
  • Final examination and certification

Course Goal
The individual student will be capable of designing and employing a MANET architecture, troubleshooting and maintaining Wave Relay® products, and configuring MPU5s for use.


MANET Administrators Course (MAC) 2022

  • Week of April 11 – NYC
  • Week of May 9 – Fort Collins, CO
  • Week of June 6 – NYC
  • Week of June 13 – Pinehurst, NC
  • Week of July 11 – NYC
  • Week of August 15 – Fort Collins, CO
  • Week of August 22 – Pinehurst, NC
  • Week of September 12 – NYC
  • Week of September 19 – Pinehurst, NC
  • Week of October 3 – NYC
  • Week of November 14 – Fort Collins, CO
  • Week of December 12 – NYC
  • Week of January 9, 2023 – NYC