Integration-ready design

Build your products around a system designed for intelligent integration and bring your product to market faster.

Design One Product for All Markets

Interchangeable RF Modules allow you to meet spectrum requirements in multiple countries – both currently and if RF spectrum allocation changes in the future.

Develop solutions with low SWaP

Reduce the burden on the Warfighter by building lighter, more cost-effective products.

Integrated Android computer & video encoding capabilities

Minimize redundant equipment while maintaining access to all available capabilities.

Join The Winning Team

When you integrate an MPU5 or Embedded Module into your product, you are integrating a radio that has a proven track record of success in meeting Program of Record requirements, putting you a step ahead of the competition.

Partner Benefits
On-Site Expert Training
Product Integration Support
Dedicated Program Management Team
Competitive pricing matrix
Aligned Marketing Objectives
Exclusive access to the Persistent Systems technology roadmap
We come to you. Our industry experts will travel to you to impart their extensive knowledge of the Wave Relay® MANET and the capabilities of the MPU5 and Embedded Module in a week-long course.
Get direct access to technical support and troubleshooting to quickly address issues with your integration and bring a stable product to market faster.
We have hired a team of dedicated program managers and engineers to support your needs for all UGV, UAV, and Sensor-specific RFIs, RFPs, and Programs of record. Let us show you our investment in the success of your products.
Take advantage of our most competitive pricing, made available exclusively to Wave Relay® Ecosystem Partners. Stable supply and pricing ensures you will meet your deadlines on time and on budget.
Our products succeed together. A strong marketing partnership ensures we have aligned goals and allows us to pursue mutually beneficial strategies and cross-promotional opportunities.
Get the inside scoop on our new releases before they are introduced to the public. Plan for future product integrations and stay ahead of the competition.
Partner Benefits
Design Your Product For The Networked Battlefield

Be Part of the Cutting Edge

Designing products into the Wave Relay® Ecosystem allows you to immediately maximize performance while building the foundations for data fusion, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and in-network computing.

As networked devices proliferate across the battlefield, ensure your products are compatible and competitive – especially as new capabilities emerge.

Leverage advanced MANET communication now

Prepare for device-to-device collaboration tomorrow

Be a leader in the networked battlefield

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Join the Wave Relay® Ecosystem and get your products in front of new markets. Deliver seamless integrations, get connected, and collaborate on marketing and sales opportunities. Make the Wave Relay® Ecosystem an extension of your business today.