The GVR5 is a Dual Band Wave Relay® MANET solution, engineered in collaboration with General Dynamics Mission Systems, for tracked and wheeled ground vehicles as well as aircraft. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing vehicle LAN, intercom system, and SATCOM / LTE networks. Hardened against electronic warfare. Combat ready.

2 Radio Frequencies
– 1 Device

Multiple RF combinations

Available in C+L, C+S, and L+S band combinations, the GVR5 provides a robust and highly scalable MANET to infantry fighting vehicles to meet network requirements. The Wave Relay® MANET dynamically selects the best performing radio to maximize performance in congested or contested environments.

Redistribute ISR to your Team

Two HD Video Encoders

The GVR5 has two HD Video Encoders enabling both your vehicular thermal camera system and your ISR video receiver system to be redistributed over the network to dismount users. The on-board video encoders, multicast distribution technology, and IP differentiated services will deliver reliable video wherever you need it.

Limitless BLOS

Seamless Cloud Relay

Cloud Relay allows physically or logically separated Wave Relay® MANET bubbles to communicate via a 4G/LTE or SATCOM backhaul. Just connect your transport layer of choice, and the GVR5 becomes a gateway enabling global MANET connectivity.

Vehicle Intercom Integration

Extend the Vehicle Intercom
to the Dismounted Team

We designed the GVR5 to integrate with the TOCNet G4 Vehicle Intercom System and automatically route communications to your existing tactical voice radios. The TOCNet G4 makes your amplified tactical radios available to team members within the vehicle. The GVR5 extends those Tactical Radios to team members operating outside of the vehicle.


GVR5 Design