February 2013 – MissionMobility Integrates Persistent Systems Technologies to Improve Products
January 31, 2014

February 25th 2013
Norfolk, VA

MissionMobility Integrates Persistent Systems Technologies to Improve Products

MissionMobility, a leading provider of Military-Grade Baseband Communication Solutions, is proud to announce that it is one of two approved domestic resellers of Persistent Systems LLC’s (“Persistent”) Wave Relay® mobile ad hoc wireless radio networking (“MANET”) solutions.

As a reseller, MissionMobility will be able to incorporate Persistent’s products into its own. Steve Newell, President and CEO of MissionMobility says that “this technology is very well suited to our primary customers because small tactical teams and travelling executive officers absolutely need access to reliable, secure video and voice capabilities amongst many other types of secure data transfer. Because Persistent’s Wave Relay® system continuously adapts to changes in terrain and other difficult environmental conditions, we can provide them with a much needed boost to the reliability of their mobile comms.”

The average wireless networking devices are susceptible to disconnection with even slight changes in the physical environment. Persistent’s Wave Relay® technology eliminates connection breakdown and allows transfer of all data types securely. This technological breakthrough permits constant contact with every other device that has this technology, even if one of them fails. The alignment between MissionMobility and Persistent will redefine the last mile of communication for military and first responders as it extends their range of operations, potentially saving the lives of those that operate at the edge.

“Use of Persistent’s products in the field has resulted in an almost universal belief that the equipment is very solid,” claims Brian Lasagna, VP of Sales & Service at MissionMobility. Persistent’s products will allow MissionMobility users to scale a significant number of meshed devices into a network, essentially making their own communication infrastructure. “MissionMobility is exceptionally pleased to be working with Persistent Systems… providing service to those who serve,” Steve Newell added.