Management Tools

The Wave Relay® System contains a suite of management tools that enables network installers and system administrators to configure and manage the system effectively.

  • Wave Relay® Web Based Management: This web-based interface is a powerful tool for rapid network configuration and management. Integrated into all Wave Relay® routers, the interface always accessible. The backend to the web management tools is a powerful network management engine which enables network wide configuration changes making it extremely simple to manage a large number of routers.

  • Google™ Earth Based Network Visualization: The Wave Relay® System provides complete integration with the Google™ Earth GIS system. This capability permits real-time monitoring of all of the nodes, links, and traffic load in the network. All of the links are color coded to indicate their Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Poor link connectivity are thus quickly identified so that problems can be fixed immediately, preventing down time. The visualization system also works with the optional Wave Relay® GPS module which allows users to monitor and track mobile nodes and assets as they move throughout their mesh infrastructure. The Google™ Earth visualization system serves its content directly from the Wave Relay® router, so no additional servers or hardware is required.

  • Wave Relay® Management API: Wave Relay®'s Management API allows programmatic management by third parties, thereby permitting customers to integrate control of Wave Relay® into their own systems. The API uses secure HTTPS connections and has a command format that uses standard HTTP protocol (RFC 2616) for GET and POST requests. Responses are provided in either XML or HTML format. Documentation is available detailing available commands, legal parameters, and response schemas.