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  • Empower the warfighter with your tactical Android™ applications. The RDC enables the warfighter to utilize a single device to take command and control of unmanned systems, PTZ cameras, and sensors on the networked battlefield.


    Build Apps for Common Control

    Develop an Android application to control your product. Run your app on the MPU5. Put your app into action with the RDC. Empower warfighters to command and control your product from the RDC – the same chest-mounted controller they use for all their Android™ computing. Help reduce SWaP on the soldier by delivering control capabilities via software. Design your platform for a common controller.

    Simple App

    Designed for Android

    The Wave Relay® MANET appears as a standard Ethernet interface within Android™, so apps can leverage the MANET like commercial apps would leverage Ethernet or WiFi. Build your apps the same way you would for any other Android™ device, and utilize the many button, joystick, and touch screen capabilities available. We do the hard part - just load up your app!



    The RDC’s joysticks and buttons appear to the Android Operating System as a standard Gamepad Input Device. Applications designed to work with gamepad input will work natively with the RDC – right out of the box. As a standard part of the Android environment, extensive Gamepad Input documentation is available for application implementation.

    Fit into the future

    Developers are the key to the networked battlefield

    Design your applications to succeed in the future - the networked battlefield – where every team member can interface with assets on a common network. Develop your platforms for control from multiple concurrent users, providing arbitration so one user can drive a robot while a second user manipulates the onboard camera simultaneously. When users can interface with the platform as a team, they can consume data from platform sensors and cameras, process data locally, and multicast alerts to the team – achieving the objective faster. Design for the connected battlefield – it’s where the future is headed.

    Do you already have a Command & Control Android™ app?


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