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Oil and Gas

Wave Relay® is an unparalleled networking technology that is essential as drill site conditions become increasingly more extreme. Key processes like exploration, production, refining and transportation all require a scalable networking solution that will increase efficiency, security and monitoring capabilities. The Wave Relay® solution from Persistent Systems addresses each of these needs with guaranteed cost containment for project managers.

Reliance on infrastructure is not only inefficient, it can also be a liability. Fortunately, Wave Relay® eliminates infrastructure by bringing equipment, operators and managers into a single network.

Moreover, the interoperability of Wave Relay® allows end users to bridge legacy communications systems into the same network. That means no hidden costs due to forced capital expenditures to upgrade still-functioning equipment.

The technology is designed to maintain connectivity among a large number of highly mobile nodes, and its patented algorithms deliver scalability that is orders of magnitude greater than anything offered by competing products. Quite simply, Wave Relay® is the only technology that provides scalable any-to-any networking in a mobile setting.

With all of these features and more, our system solves your needs on the offshore platform and across your pipelines. No communications or networking solution is more able to tackle the challenges of Oil & Gas operations than Wave Relay®.