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Unmanned Vehicles

Wave Relay® brings unmanned vehicles capabilities to the next level by providing actionable intelligence to all consumers of the data securely in real-time, be it in the local operation zone or worldwide over the cloud. Wave Relay® enables these robotic platforms to work cooperatively with other robotic platforms, manned platforms and dismounted operators simultaneously. GPS denied and RF challenged environments are not an issue for Wave Relay®.

Persistent Systems’ Wave Relay® OEM Unit enables Unmanned Systems developers to finally utilize command and control (C2) and multiple video channels all in a single networking platform.

The ability to connect everything in a single network makes stovepipes or isolated conduits a thing of the past; Wave Relay® enables dynamic and instantaneous data transfer not only between robot and user, but also between multiple unmanned systems.

MANET/Mesh Network for Cooperative Unmanned Vehicles.